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Salem Golf Club Membership Cost

Bill Clinton may finally get the chance to swing to his heart’s content – a golf club, that is.

A ritzy Westchester County country club says that despite Clinton’s many scandals in the White House, it would welcome the ex-president as a full-fledged member.

The Salem Golf Club extended the invite after The Post’s Sidney Zion revealed that many clubs had refused to consider Clinton until he formally applied for membership – setting the stage for a possibly humiliating rejection.

That news stunned Joel Berman, one of the owners of Salem – a privately owned, 170-acre championship course, located in bucolic North Salem.

“What is happening to him is strictly politics. You don’t have that here. We are a very democratic club, so to speak,” Berman told The Post yesterday.

“We are completely integrated. We have Italian, Jewish, Christian, white, black – every race, creed and religion. And we would be delighted to have the president here.”

The club’s 270 members include liberal and conservative corporate heads, lawyers, Wall Street types and other movers and shakers from all over the tri-state area.

In August, the club is hosting a golf invitational for the African-American Chamber of Commerce of Westchester and Rockland counties.

Julia Payne, a spokeswoman for Clinton, did not immediately return calls for comment.

Zion reported last Thursday that Clinton was so frustrated in his inability to be pre-approved for membership at several elite WASPy clubs, his aides were approaching a number of less restrictive Jewish clubs.

The clubs demanding that Clinton apply first included the prestigious Winged Foot in Mamaroneck and Westchester Country Club in Rye, both near the ex-prez’s Chappaqua home, and Deepdale on Long Island.

Coincidentally, Berman, Marty Blackman and the other two owners of the Salem Golf Club happen to be Jewish and are solely responsible for approving new members.

And they apparently are not concerned about Clinton’s many scandals over the years, including Sexgate, Travelgate and Whitewater.

“President Clinton would not have to go through any membership committee. It’s basically the four owners who have a say,” Berman said.

“I mean, how could you turn down an ex-president of the United States? It’s almost sacrilegious.”

Clinton is certainly familiar with the area – he and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton nearly bought a $3.8 million mansion in North Salem two years ago, before settling in Chappaqua.

The Salem Golf Club, founded in 1966 and about a 20-minute drive from where Clinton lives now, isn’t cheap – the initiation fee is just under $10,000 and annual dues are $7,000 per family.

Green fees are extra: $50 on weekdays and $58 on weekends, with golf cart rentals another $20 per 18 holes.

The course, open from mid-March to mid-December, was designed by Ed Ryder and Val Carlson on an expanse of rolling hills and small lakes that are abundant with deer, geese and other wildlife.

Famous neighbors who live near the course include David Letterman, Sony music chief Tommy Mottola and actor Stanley Tucci. President Ulysses Grant used to spend summers there.

There is a loose dress code at the club – no denim is allowed and members must wear collared shirts.

Berman said he’s not too worried about the security requirements Clinton might need if he were to join up.

“Maybe that would have to be explored – but I’m sure he would enjoy it here. I understand he’s a pretty good golfer,” he said.


BUBBA GOES FORE!th (Graphic / Caption) (s, lcf)

* THIS OL’ HOUSE: The clubhouse at the Salem Golf Club, where Bill will link up with golf partners.

* THE 19TH HOLE: Where Clinton will drown his sorrows.

* BOYS’ CLUB: Where Bubba will park his spikes.

* HOME ON THE RANGE: Where he will learn to be an even bigger swinger.

* PUTTERING AROUND: The pro shop where Bill will buy his balls.

* THE PRESIDENTIAL LIMO: How he’ll stay on course.cigar credit:APother credit

Post photos: Francis A. Specker