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Sankaty Head Golf Club Membership Cost

There’s nothing like golfing in a serene environment. It helps take your mind off things and keeps you fit and engaged. In Nantucket, golfing is one of the most common activities you can enjoy, courtesy of four well-kept golf courses – two public and two private.

Each course has unique perks to provide you with diversity. Nonetheless, they also share a few similarities, such as being close to the water, beachy fescue grass, and a cool refreshing island breeze.

This piece will take you through these courses, highlighting their brief history, advantages, and contact details.

Nantucket’s Public Golf Courses

Miacomet Golf Course

The golf course is located south of Nantucket and occupies about 400 acres. It was opened in 1963 by a local farmer, Ralph Marble. He named it Miacomet, inspired by the name given to the area by the Wampanoag tribes who had in the past inhabited it.

Two decades later, the 9-hole facility was sold to the National Island Bank, an organization that helps effectively manage and preserves resources on the island.

In 2003, the organization hired architect Howard Maurer to help expand the facility to 18-hole. He also renovated and upgraded the original holes, creating an architecturally cohesive layout.

Currently, Miacomet is the only 18-hole public golf course on the island. It boasts tightly cut sand traps, ample fairways, and a mix of green sizes from 3000- 6000 sq. ft. Both amateurs and experts will feel at home in this golf course as it is challenging and playable. Multiple tees allow everyone (despite their expertise level) to have a great time.

If you need golfing gear, pass by the Miacomet golf shop. It stocks various popular clothing brands, footwear, accessories, and equipment.

After an excellent time out on the course, you can re-energize and treat your taste buds at the golf course restaurant. Its delicious meals and relaxing ambiance have earned it a spot among the best restaurants on the island.

To learn more about Miacomet golf course, call (508) 325-0333.

Sconset Golf Course

Also known as Skinner’s golf course, Sconset is a 9-hole golf course in Sianconset, MA. It has well served the public since its opening in 1899. Over a century old, the golf course is considered among the oldest in America.

Before being used as a golf course, the property was a farm referred to as Bloomingdale. Unlike most farms around the area, it had plenty of open fields and meadows. Summer residents took note and opted to make it an 18-hole golf course instead.

Over the years, they improved it and its clubhouse without interfering with its classic layout. Even though they eventually reduced its number of holes to 9, the golf course still efficiently serves its initial purpose. Today, everyone can play for just $50 for 9 holes or $70 for 18 holes (two consecutive nine-hole rounds). It is a fantastic deal as you play golf, have fun with your loved ones, and experience a part of Nantucket history.

While playing, remember to place your ball in the placeholder rack after the first tee, as the course does not need tee times.

The golf course is open to the public from Memorial Day Weekend to Colombus Day Weekend. To find out more or book Tee Times, call (508) 257-6596

Nantucket’s Private Golf Courses

Sankaty Head Golf Club

Overlooking the Sankaty lighthouse is the Sankaty Head Golf Club. It is an 18-hole course designed and officially opened in 1923 by Emerson Armstrong. The course is well known for its traditional lynx-style holes and angulated greens.

Following its world-class golf course, Sankaty Head Golf Club has had the privilege to host the USGA’s 41st U.S. Mid-Amateur.

Besides enjoying the club’s first-rate recreational and social activities, its members are the driving force behind the Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund. They also help maintain Camp Sankaty Head – one of the few caddy camps worldwide.

To get information on how to join the golf club, call (508) 257-6391.

Nantucket Golf Club

It is an 18-hole exclusive private golf course located southeast of Nantucket. To join the club, you’ve got to dig deeper into your pockets, as it has one of the highest fees worldwide. Initially, during its opening in 1998, the membership fee was $250,000, and following demand, the price soon went up to $300,000. The club’s management keeps the current price secret, but it is speculated to be either twice or thrice the initial amount following inflation and other economic factors.

Nonetheless, the club is worth every coin you spend considering its professional caddies, well-bunkered greens, daunting holes, and excellently groomed fairways, to mention a few.

Besides, you are likely to rub shoulders with the who’s who. It has several distinguished members and has hosted prominent people, including Warren E. Buffet, William H. Gates, and President Clinton.

You can visit their website to learn more about the club and how to join.