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Charlotte National Golf Club Photos

charlotte national golf club photos
charlotte national golf club photos

As I think back on Matt and Stephanie’s wedding day I’m just so happy for them!! I messaged Stephanie Saturday morning about how I was planning on handling the most recent forecast of cold and rain for their portraits. Her response was simple and put everything in focus. “Perfect!! I am excited – I’m going to be married!!!”

Stephanie and her bridesmaids were in the women’s lounge all morning getting ready and relaxing by the fire. When I arrived, everyone was so calm as Stephanie was getting her final touches of makeup done. I styled details beside a wall full of windows – a dream. The groomsmen and Matt rolled in a bit later, got dressed, and played a friendly game of pool. We were setting up for the First Look when the first rain drops fell. We knew once the rain started, it would keep falling until after dark.

Under a porch in Trump National Golf Village, Matt and Stephanie finally saw each other!! Stephanie said later that she would highly recommend a First Look to everyone. All the anxious nerves melted away and were replaced with pure excitement! They both felt so much better and were ready to enjoy whatever the day held, together! Also, with weather doing it’s thing, it’s just nice to be in your man’s arms instead of waiting.

Weddings always fly by so quickly for a bride and groom! That was definitely true for Stephanie and Matt! Their ceremony and reception were so romantic with candle light flickering. The black, gold, and touches of lush burgundy created an elegant and cozy atmosphere. After dinner and two heartfelt toasts, the lights went down and everyone let loose! Stephanie and Matt wrapped up their first day as husband and wife by sharing one last dance as the only ones in the Lakefront Ballroom.

Matt and Stephanie weren’t phased a bit by the rain! I’m still so surprised they ventured out in the downpour! THEN Matt spontaneously throws his umbrella out of the shot and Stephanie followed his lead! Oh my goodness!! They kissed, Matt dipped his bride, then Matt ran for the umbrellas!! They had the best attitudes about the cold and rain! Look closely to see the rain drops!

LOVE this of them!!

My favorite image of the day!! It was a last minute idea and I’m so glad we went for it!!

These ladies and Trump National Golf Club were SO MUCH fun to photograph!

Funny story…Stephanie played softball her whole life and finished with a collegiate career at Liberty University. As she was preparing for the bouquet toss, she said “I have an arm! I have an arm!” Jill was photographing Stephanie throw the bouquet and I was photographing the group of single ladies anticipating the catch. From my viewfinder, I was watching the girls with their hands high and body language was ready to catch but no bouquet…ever. I finally looked around my camera to see the bouquet found a resting place in the chandelier. Stephanie, no doubt, has an arm!

Their fantastic group of vendors!! A special thanks to Brooke and her team for helping so much during the rainy day shuffle.