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Crag Burn Golf Club Photos

Congratulations to Matt and Alyssa who were married this past weekend at St. Joseph Cathedral, Buffalo NY, with a reception following at Crag Burn Golf Club, East Aurora NY. What a wonderful day with an amazing Couple! We finally had a stretch of nice weather, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Leah and I began the day in East Aurora, covering the guys and girls getting readies. It was a large bridal party, but everyone was on-point and on-time, which is a testament to the Couple and their family’s preparation.

Once everyone was ready, the trolley arrived, and we were off to the Ceremony at St. Joseph Cathedral. This is one of my favorite churches to work at in Buffalo. Not only is the interior amazing and grand, but the rectory garden is so nice and private. I’ve even been known to use it for weddings not held at the Cathedral, just because there’s no place else like it in the downtown area. We didn’t spend too much time there, however, because Crag Burn Golf Club also had a lot to offer.

I decided to hop on the Trolley with the bridal party as we made our way back to East Aurora. This is usually the time of day, after all the formals are done, that our Couple’s really relax and start to open up, so why waste the opportunity to get some cool moments! When we arrived, and everyone was settled, I took the bridal party for a few more shots in the shade. The nice part about Crag Burn is that I’m not restricted on where I can go. While still being respectful of the golfers, it was nice to be able to pick a spot that worked for me photographically, rather than being confined to one area, that may not have worked as well because of the lighting.

All too soon for me, it was time to let Matt and Alyssa go to enjoy cocktail hour and the reception. Due to the time of year, sunset was painfully close to when dinner service started, but Matt and Alyssa were very gracious, putting off their meals for ten minutes or so to allow me a few more photos. Soon enough, the sun set and the band began to play. We spent another hour or so circling the dance floor, before capturing a final night shot and saying our goodbyes. Thank you again to Matt and Alyssa for inviting us to be a part of your special day. We wish you both all the best for the future!