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El Dorado Golf And Beach Club Photos

I always get the question, “tell me about the most insane wedding you’ve ever photographed”. It’s always been either the Russian Wedding in NYC, or one of the weddings in Italy that I shot. Well that question just got harder. In my career, this is no doubt one of the most memorable.

The fun began at the welcome party with gifts! All of the bridesmaids got some beautiful Michele watches with the wedding date engraved on the underside of the face.

Welcoming event with a live mariachi band.

As a part-time food photographer, I also love photographing food at incredible events.


Beat it!

Bride’s brother and Joe, the groom.

My kind of detail shots…

There were a LOT of these bottles of Casamigos tequila floating around.

Cigar bar, featuring El Dorado’s own brand of cigars.

I feel that I see this ultralight every time I’m shooting in Cabo!

I had one or three of these cupcakes. They were pretty delicious.

Just a bunch of random people. 😉

Let’s turn this party on, shall we?

OK Rehearsal Dinner Time! Held at the neighborhood club house. I don’t need to write a novel about how incredible it was…

I was so excited to see beer-ritas! I didn’t have one, but I LOVE them!

Incredible sushi boats.


I did get to sample the food. Amazing.

Time for some heartfelt toasts…

When the grooms daughter gave a toast, I got a little sand in my eyes. It was probably the cutest and nicest toast I’ve ever heard.

Everyone’s got a little sand in their eyes. Hey, we’re at a beach. It happens.

Wedding Day!!!

Michelle took some quiet time to write out her vows with her mother.

Jimmy Choo knockoffs. (not really!)

I spy Jimmy Choo.

I had a vision with this shot. Wide open at 1.2. Photographer talk. Sorry.

Writing out the vows, I love these next two shots.

Pre-Ceremony prayer got everyone a little emotional. It was really nice.

I kind of think the girls needed massages more than the guys! 🙂

Joe’s best friend from High School, and a super nice guy.

Ring Bearer, looking great!

Everyone loves this guy and for good reason. He was taking amazing care of everyone, and word is that he shakes a margarita that can’t be imitated!

Father of the bride…

The groom’s daughter’s witty friend caught me in the act of taking a mirror selfie, and promptly made fun of me for it. 🙂

This was taken about 10 seconds after nearly getting run over. Crazy driver.

Grammy award-winning artist Chris Botti: in case you want to hear. Pretty amazing

There he is again.

FOB approves!

Joe’s daughter caught everyone by surprise when she started singing. Incredible voice! Something I’ll definitely remember about this wedding!

Joe and Michelle weren’t expecting these kinds of fireworks! Here’s Michelle with her father.

And Michelle and Joe, candid!

DJ Bedz Talk about a guy who LOVES his job, and it shows. Most incredible mix artist I’ve heard since Mix Master Mike.

The final moment, a hug from Michelle’s brother.

I actually have over 1,000 images in my final cut. A record for me for sure. Usually it’s about 300-600. But this was a three day affair! And a great time.

Michelle and Joe, thanks so much for making me feel so comfortable and for allowing me to cover such an important event. I can’t say enough how nice EVERYONE was at this wedding. Truly great people. I’ll be talking about this wedding for a LONG time. Hope to see you all again.