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Leo J. Martin Golf Course Photos

leo j. martin golf course photos
leo j. martin golf course photos

Couldn’t get a tee time on a gorgeous Friday and thought we would see how bad this place could be.

The greens are something to behold and like nothing I have ever seen. First of all, at least two from what I remember were temporary greens cut into the fairway, as the real green was simply a pile of dirt. Most but not all (including the temporary greens) appeared to have been aerated recently and were covered with sand-not sure if this helped or hurt. But even the layer of sand could not hide the issues. They simply all need to be dug up and re-sodded: there are massive bare patches of dirt throughout to the point where there are only small areas of “grass” for the pins (only sometimes, and even then, the “grass” is in awful shape-bare/bumpy/sandy/weeds). The fairways and tee boxes are not quite as bad but significantly below average (mostly crabgrass). The rough looked like a normal golf course in many places, but definitely some areas where it was sparse.

All that being said, it was one of the more enjoyable rounds I have played in some time. Part of this was likely due to the fact that twosome a friend and I were paired with dropped off after nine, and we essentially had the back nine to ourselves. Also, we looked at the reviews ahead of time and knew what we were getting ourselves into and tried to make the most of it. $30 for 18 walking does not seem awful despite the fact that you are not really putting (another review that said you can leave the putter at home is accurate). But the state of the greens (again, the majority of which are packed dirt, with some patches of dying grass, and in our case, covered in loose sand) makes it hard to take the round seriously and lends in some ways being fun if you can get over how ridiculous it is.

But most importantly, I loved the majority of the design of the property and the routing of the holes. The review that said Donald Ross is rolling over in his grave perfectly sums it up. There are remnants of-and potential for-and truly great golf course here: cool doglegs, interesting elevation changes, and some great Ross bunkering and green shaping. When combined with the pretty massive scale of the property on the back nine and the view of the Charles (including an awesome footbridge), I thought this was well worth the $30 despite the greens. Just have to imagine that you are experiencing golf in its purest form like on a field maintained by goats in Scotland, though I think even goats could get greens into better shape than these….