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Mountaintop Golf And Lake Club Photos

From Cowboy Hats to Carrot Cake: Kenzie and Alec’s Fun and Quirky Wedding at Mountaintop Golf and Lake Club!

Okaaay you won’t believe the jaw-dropping view that started off Kenzie and Alec’s wedding day! The couple got engaged on the deck of Alec’s parents’ home in Cashiers, NC with the Blue Ridge Mountains as the perfect backdrop. And for their first look, they went back to the exact same spot, but this time Kenzie was a knockout in her mermaid gown, and Alec looked super sharp in his black suit.

One of the sweetest moments of the day (and one of my personal favorites) was when Kenzie shared a first look with her dad. They have such a special bond, which we got to hear all about during his speech at the reception and they were both moved to tears and it was a beautiful moment! It’s a memory that I know Kenzie and her dad will undoubtedly treasure for years to come.

For the portrait session, the groomsmen came prepared with a surprise: bright yellow cowboy hats and pop guns! Not to be outdone, Kenzie jumped right in, too. The photos are nothing short of hilarious and captured the playful and fun-loving personalities of the couple and their friends!

The ceremony took place on the lawn of the Mountaintop Golf and Lake Club’s clubhouse, where guests were greeted with goblets filled with delicious beverages. And the ring bearer? He made everyone smile by trotting down the aisle in a bear costume – because he’s a ring BEARer and they were in the mountains! And after Kenzie and Alec sealed the deal with a kiss, the groomsmen let off a round of pop guns in celebration!

The reception was a total party with a live band playing pop punk songs that had everyone dancing, especially Kenzie and Alec who even got up on stage and sang a few numbers. The custom drink named after their pup, The Archibald, was a hit, and the carrot cake with tiny carrots on top was a work of art that perfectly reflected the couple’s quirky personalities. This couple definitely knows how to throw a party!

Kenzie and Alec’s fall wedding at Mountaintop Golf and Lake Club was a total blast, and we had the best time capturing all the fun and sass! From the yellow cowboy hats and pop guns to the lounge furniture and live music, this wedding was one for the books!