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The Golf Club At Yankee Trace Photos

I had the pleasure of capturing a spring wedding at The Golf Club at Yankee Trace in Centerville, OH. The venue is located on an actual 27-hole golf course, with absolutely gorgeous views of the course! Not only is it a great place to go for golf, but you can actually host your wedding reception here as well! I created this article for you to see what it will be like to have your wedding venue hosted here at this beautiful golf course near Dayton!

The Golf Club at Yankee Trace has a very spacious 32,000 square foot clubhouse where they regularly host special events, rehearsals and weddings. Haley and Andrew decided to have their cocktail hour and wedding reception at the Golf Club, which was just a few minute drive from St. Mary of the Assumption, where they had their wedding ceremony.

When I arrived to the Golf Club at Yankee Trace, I was so impressed with the beautiful scenery of the space! It is an active golf course, which is something to keep in mind, but those playing golf were so kind to us as I took photographs of the couple before they entered the reception. There are plenty of places in the golf course to take photographs, and we didn’t have to walk too far to find a great background! The location is also great for all your guests to enjoy the sights, and there is plenty of parking available for all your guests.

The Clubhouse itself is a very large sized space, capable of accommodating up to 250 guests for your wedding. There were also side tables that were perfect for vendors sit at during dinner, and a great spot for the DJ to set up his equipment. The staff were kind and welcoming, and the food served was excellent! The size of the dance floor was perfect and allowed for the guests to have a joyful time together, celebrating the new bride and groom!

I highly recommend considering the Golf Club at Yankee Trace for your wedding reception! For more information on booking this beautiful Dayton-area wedding venue, contact them here!

If you have loved any of the images you have seen in this article, I would love to chat more with you about wedding photography! To see more weddings like this one, check out my work here!