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Valley Vista Golf Course Photos


Dear Players Club Members and Guests,


With the incoming storms forecasted for the Santa Clarita area and with the potential for life threatening flooding, Vista Valencia Golf Course will be closing early. Lights for the driving range will not be turned on. If you are in doubt and the weather looks questionable, it is always better to call the golf shop at (661) 253-1870 to check on conditions.

One of our major challenges is the Pico Wash flows across our golf course and driving range. When it is flooded, it can be life threatening and may require us to close the golf course(s) and/or driving range. Additionally, we may open the driving range with Irons only or close the driving range if it too wet / flooded. We anticipate this month we will be facing storms that could potentially flood the golf course, so if in doubt, call the golf shop at (661) 253-1870, Press 1.

With inclement weather (Rain or Frost) Cart Path Only requirements are really designed for your safety and to protect the golf course turf. When the grass is too wet and/or we have frost delay, allowing carts off the path creates too much damage we cannot recover from. We appreciate your full cooperation if we are on cart path only.


As you may know, Vista Valencia Golf Course is no longer affiliated with American Golf Corporation since March 31st, 2022. We have not enrolled new members in our monthly range program since that time. We currently have over 350 customers who are on a wait list to join. Please stay tuned as we will have some exciting new opportunities to enroll in our Players Club program along with new club member benefits. With the anticipation of improvements to the driving range experience to improve in 2024 and the ever-increasing costs of range balls, utilities, and labor, we are planning a price increase on our monthly program on April 1, 2024. The Players Club Membership terms and conditions state any changes to the program require The Club to notify existing Members with a 30-day advance notice via email to their email address on file with the Club. With the current program, Members will continue to receive a large basket of range balls per day with the flat monthly fee, plus discounts on cart fees and Chica green fees, and plus a free drink for paid round on the Vista Course, . In addition, we plan to introduce a modified range program for a medium basket for both Adults and Juniors (ages 5 to 17) at reduced rates / benefits. More information to follow.


As you may have noticed, our Clubhouse received a much-needed update with new paint, a new bar, updated golf shop, and front landscaping. This is part of our first phase on improving and re-investing in Vista Valencia facilities. Most of the work in Phase I is completed. Plans for 2024 are completing upgrades to our Kitchen and our Tournament Pavilion. We are in the process of working with the City of Santa Clarita and anticipate making an exciting announcement in the near future.


Vista Valencia has updated its Rules and Regulations that apply both to Members and Guests of Vista Valenica. Our Rules and Regulations address things like Pace of Play, Conduct, Behavior, just to name a few and how one should conduct themselves when visiting Vista Valencia. Please take the time to review this document on our website. One of our rules is we do not allow outside beverages and/or coolers on the golf course. During COVID, we suspended that rule. This rule will go back into effect shortly and will be stricly enforced. Please make a note of it.

Once again, we thank you for choosing Vista Valencia Golf Course as your place to play golf and practice.

Mike Nix, General Manager / COO

Vista Valencia Golf Course, Valencia Golf LLC