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Blackstone Creek Golf Club Scorecard

blackstone creek golf club scorecard
blackstone creek golf club scorecard

This course seems as if it’s the third fiddle in the stable of the ownership group. Conditions wise I would say it ranks 3 of 3 and value wise I think it’s also 3 of 3. I had heard stories a few years back that it’s a course you can skip when looking for new courses to play. I waited awhile for that reason but finally decided I could try it out this past weekend. Let me say overall the course was playable and the conditions alone are not why I wouldn’t recommend this course. It’s a combination of the conditions, price, difficultly of holes, dead trees, and water hazards.

The course features some really good holes: 2, 4, 10, and 18 come to mind. All are really good risk reward holes off the tee in determining just how aggressively you want to play. Most of these holes feature some sort of water hazard and you must decide how much to bite off. The course also has a very difficult stretch of 5-7 that the average to below average golfer can really get beat up on. The tee shots can be really demanding if you cannot control your ball and doesn’t allow for any sort of miss.

The greens felt and rolled fine by everything I could see, no issues with them. The conditions of the greens were better than fairways and tee boxes and if one has to be head and shoulders above the others, I would prefer it be the greens. The pace of play was decent, a few waits but everyone seemed to be moving as best they could. The beverage service was on point with 2 carts and the turn we never had to wait or stock up for fear of running out. The food after the round was perfectly fine, nothing fancy but hit the spot and the service was again really good.

Overall a fine course to play if understanding the conditioning won’t be that of similar courses in the area and lesser than Scenic View and Fire Ridge (same ownership). But the value you get on a weekend for $50 can be matched and exceeded at surrounding courses.