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Boulder City Golf Course Scorecard

If you have questions, please contact a professional at the golf course.

  • Golfers MUST have a tee time and must pre-pay online or over the phone before the day of play.
  • Tee times and pre-payment can be made online or by calling the golf shop at 303-442-7851.
  • Riding golf carts are available for rent (see Fees Page for rates). Pre-paid tee time reservations are required, but you must pay for a golf cart in person at check in. Golf cart drivers must be at least 18 years old.
  • Due to a limited number, carts are not able to be reserved. Players should come prepared to walk if carts are not available at your tee time.
  • All players must check in with the golf shop.
  • All play starts on #1 unless otherwise directed by the golf shop.
  • Play U.S.G.A. Rules unless modified by local rules.
  • Play within prescribed time limit as set by each golf course. Time limit strictly enforced.
  • Keep your position on golf course.
  • Play only one ball – no practicing on the course.
  • Repair ball marks on greens.
  • Replace divots.
  • Rake sand bunkers.
  • Do not litter.
  • Keep all carts away from greens and off tees.
  • Call “fore” loudly if other person is in danger of being hit.
  • Drop away from small trees.
  • Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times on golf course.
  • Each player must have golf bag and clubs.
  • Injury to persons or property as result of your play is your responsibility.
  • Practice golf etiquette and rules.
  • Use of steel spiked shoes is not allowed.
  • No alcohol that has been purchased off-site is allowed to be consumed on the golf course property.

The Director of Golf, Golf Professionals, Golf Course Superintendents, Course Managers, Crew Supervisors, Manager on Duty/Golf Shop Staff and Rangers shall be agents of the Manager of Parks and Recreation and shall enforce all rules and regulations pertaining to golf.

Spectators are limited to two per foursome of golfers. If they wish to ride, they must check in with the pro-shop for cart availability and pay the associated cart fees.


Restriction of Start of Play – Golf course staff may determine that it is too dangerous to start play and may close the tee and limit the start of play at any time.

Once You are on the Course – In case of lightning or any other dangerous weather condition, individual golfers already on the course are solely responsible for monitoring weather conditions and deciding if continuation of play is safe. The City of Boulder and golf course staff are NOT responsible for your decision making or safety once you are on the course. It is recommended that as soon as you hear thunder seek the clubhouse, the lowest elevation area or a large enclosed vehicle. If sudden, close-in lightning does not permit evacuation:

  • Spread out from your group
  • Squat down and tuck your head and cover your ears
  • Head for the safest place as soon as immediate threat passes.

If you have questions about this policy, please talk with one of the Golf Course staff. If a player feels unsafe at any time on the golf course, they may come in and request a rain check for future credit on a pro-rated basis for the unplayed holes. Rain checks expire at the end of the calendar year. If the course is unplayable due to weather, or if you arrive and are not comfortable playing due to weather conditions, a full refund will be issued.

Trespassers, dog walkers, bicycle-riders, picnickers, or any other unauthorized person shall not be permitted on the golf premises. Dogs are not allowed on the course with the exception of “Service dogs” which will be on leash only and/or on the golf cart at all times.

Children between the ages of 6-10 may play when accompanied by a golfer 16 years or older. Players 12 and older may play without a parent/guardian 16 years or older in the group.

Golfers on weekends, holidays and busy weekdays must play in foursomes unless the Manager on Duty/Golf Shop Staff allows golfers to play in smaller groups when play is not busy. The Manager on Duty/Golf Shop Staff will assign all unfilled reservation times the day of play on a first-come first-serve basis.

No fivesomes are allowed.

The driving range, the chipping and putting areas are all open to the public. The driving range closes earlier on Sundays and opens later on Mondays. Please ring the Pro Shop on 303-442-7851 for exact times.

If you “No Show” two times in a calendar year, you will be restricted from playing for two weeks.

No person shall play on the golf course when it has been closed by the golf staff.

No vehicles other than golf carts shall be permitted on the golf course.

Violations of Flatirons Golf rules and regulations may result in the following consequences.

The Manager’s agents may remove a golfer, or golfers, from the golf course for flagrant violation of course rules or golf etiquette; such as obnoxious behavior; intoxication; damaging the course; refusal to let people through when holding up play; failure to follow course design from a hole-to-hole basis.

The Director of Golf may restrict golfer(s) from the course for a specified time or permanently for flagrant or repeated violations.