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Michelle Wie Nike Golf Shoes

Michelle Wie celebrated her 2014 US Open win with a victory tour through New York City — trophy in hand and Nike Blazers on her feet, just one of the self-professed trainer junkie’s 20 pairs.

This week Wie brings her love for the iconic Nike basketball shoe to the golf course for the first time, at the Evian Championship in France.

She will grace the fairways of the final major of the year in hot pink women’s Nike Blazers from Nike Golf, with a camouflage Swoosh and a performance outsole engineered for traction. Inside the tongue are the scores from each round of the golfer’s memorable 2014 victory, her first major win.

“Michelle asked us to create a high top golf shoe,” explains Joël Greenspan, footwear designer for Nike Golf.

“She wanted to feel more support throughout her swing and greater connection to the ground. She also wanted a shoe that would reflect her distinct sense of style on and off the course. The Women’s Nike Blazer is a dynamic take on a classic silhouette; re-engineered and re-materialized to reflect Michelle’s elite level of play.”

Wie affirms the shoe’s successful adaptation, stating: “The Blazer is a versatile, stylish and high-performance shoe. The high top collar is so functional for me, providing the support I need through the impact of my swing. I love the fact that I can bring the iconic retro hoops look to the golf course.”

The Nike Blazer debuted on basketball legend George “The Iceman” Gervin in 1972. Over the past four decades, the style has evolved to include silhouettes designed for skate, sportswear and, now, golf.

The Women’s Nike Blazer from Nike Golf will be available in early 2016 at and selected retailers.

Joël Greenspan, Nike Golf Footwear

What was the impetus for the Nike Blazer golf shoe?

The Nike Blazer golf shoe is yet another example of how athlete insights inform design at Nike. Michelle asked us to create a high top golf shoe. She wanted to feel more support throughout her swing and greater connection to the ground. She also wanted a shoe that would reflect her distinct sense of style on and off the course. Her request came at a perfect time, as we were equally interested in creating disruptive golf footwear. The Nike Blazer is a shoe that not only serves the needs of the athlete, but also helps us continue to redefine the look of golf.

Can you walk us through the design?

We looked to leverage a Nike icon and reengineer it for Michelle’s game. The Blazer of course has deep roots in Nike’s heritage. It is a shoe that shows up quite a bit in Michelle’s robust sneaker collection, so it’s authentic to her. We took the classic silhouette and paired it with the outsole that Michelle wore when she won the U.S. Open. We also decked it out with new materials and construction to ensure that it offered her what she needs both on and off the course.

What details in the shoe are unique to Michelle?

The entire shoe was built with her in mind; the materials, construction, fit. Detail-wise, Michelle loves bright colors, prints and making things her own. She wanted a bold shoe, and we wanted it to celebrate her amazing performance at the US Open, so we decked it out in pink and camouflage (a nod to her leg tape), and embroidered a little reference to her win on the back of the tongue tag. But for the most part, we are looking forward to this shoe being a blank canvas for Michelle to express herself and her style of play, she will continue to play a big part in the evolution of this shoe for future seasons.