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Nike Tour Premiere Golf Shoes

By: Dylan Thaemert

50 Words or Less

With the Tour Premiere, Nike takes “look good, feel good, play good” to a whole new level. Whether you prize stability, style, or functionality, these shoes do not disappoint.


The Tour Premiere is a new golf offering from Nike that combines sleek, futuristic looks with traditional removable spikes, a stable yet comfortable footbed, and laceless FastFit technology. For a golfer that doesn’t mind making a fashion statement on the course and prefers the feeling of spikes under their feet, this shoe checks all the boxes.


At first glance, my buddies used the phrases “moon boots” and “future shoes.” While their laceless style certainly makes them distinctive, the silhouette is a familiar Nike hybrid of a golf shoe and a basketball sneaker.

I opted for the all white, but the Tour Premiere is also available in colorways where the middle part that covers the “laces” is black or metallic silver. Whichever colorway you prefer, the Tour Premiere is going to stand out on the course.


My initial remark when I slipped these on was, “Oh yeah.” Even without the “laces” tightened, the Tour Premiere hugs your foot on the sides and provides a firm yet comfortable foot bed. There’s a springy quality to the spikes that makes walking feel comfortable, even on hard surfaces.

I normally wear a 10 in Nike and my foot is regular width. I went up half a size in the Tour Premiere, and I’m glad I did.

I played several rounds in 90+ degree heat and found the Tour Premiere very breathable. I frequently put a second pair of socks in play, but I didn’t have to do that with the Tour Premiere. If you’re going to walk, this shoe provides an experience to be enjoyed rather than endured.


In the fairway, in a bunker, or in the rough, the Tour Premiere provides exceptional traction and stability. Standing on the tee or over an approach shot, these shoes connect to the ground and instill confidence.

The most unique characteristic of the shoe is the fact that the FastFit technology means you never have to tighten your laces mid-walk. However tight you make them at the beginning of the round is how tight they are going to be once you get back to the clubhouse. That, paired with how easy it is to tighten and release the FastFit closure, makes the performance aspect a real star of this shoe.

The white rubber tab on the top of the shoe tightens the laces. When you pull up on the tab, you’ll feel the laces tighten on the top of your foot and on the sides of your ankles. This gives you a solid, locked-in feel that promotes the confidence to dig in and rip one off the first tee. Loosening the FastFit closure is as simple as pulling on the small red tab. I love that the red release tab is located where there is virtually no chance of pulling it accidentally.


The Tour Premiere is an excellent addition to Nike’s lineup of high performance golf shoes. Having been a big fan of almost every pair of Nike golf shoes I have owned, I held these shoes to a high standard, and they did not disappoint. At $200, they aren’t the cheapest option on the rack, but if you don’t mind investing in your golfing footwear you are going to enjoy the Tour Premiere.

Buy the Nike Tour Premiere Golf Shoes HERE