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Nike Victory G Lite Nn Golf Shoes

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Video nike victory g lite nn golf shoes

You may think the Nike Victory Lite G golf shoes look like good value for money at £70/$70. And they even have a positive sustainability message with 20% of the shoes being made from recycled materials (mainly the canvas upper).

You can buy the shoes from Nike here:

UK –

US –

HOWEVER the latest Nike Spikeless golf shoes have a BIG ISSUE – the traction from the foam outsole is terrible! I could not stop slipping in these golf shoes. Now of course, that’s my personal experience with the shoes, but I can safely say these golf shoes have the worst of any that I’ve any tested…and I’ve tested a lot of golf shoes over the last couple of years!

Watch my full video review of the Nike Victory Lite G Golf Shoes here

To find out why my rear foot kept slipping backwards any time I tried to hit a full driver or iron shot, I spoke with PGA coach Steve Furlonger. He’s a golf swing expert who specialises in how golfers use the ground to generate force in their golf swing. Steve confirmed, because I have a tendency to ‘early extend’, which is quite a common swing fault amongst golfers, I put a high amount of force through my trail foot. As a result, the Nike Victory Lite G doesn’t provide me enough grip which means I will slip…even when the ground conditions are perfect.

The shoes fit true to size, although the toe box does feel quite shallow, so if you like a little more room for your toes, you may want to go up half a size. Underfoot the shoes are fine. They’re not amazingly soft or comfortable, but equally I wouldn’t call them uncomfortable. There’s minimal padding around the ankle, and I didn’t have any problems with blisters after walking 18 holes.

The upper is made from a recycled canvas material, and you can see different specs of colour and even some uneven bobbles, due to the recycled material being used. While the shoes have a film around the bottom of the upper to help keep dew from the grass out, they are not waterproof, so don’t think about wearing these in the rain…unless you want wet feet!