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Puma Men’s Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoes

puma men's grip fusion sport golf shoes
puma men's grip fusion sport golf shoes

Hello boys and girls!

It’s that time of year here in Arizona. The time when 110° becomes the painful norm.. the time when spf 80 (aka white acrylic paint) is a very real thing.. and a time when leaving a plate of uncooked bacon on your car dash during a 4 hour round means that you have a tasty/crispy snack for the drive home.. (I’ll let y’all decide if the last one is something that’s actually happened)

Summer golfing is NOT for the faint of heart and requires some pretty intense and detail- inclusive preparation.. gallon of H2O, CHECK.. SPF 1000, CHECK.. some kind of electrolyte, mineral replacement something or another, CHECK.. and breathable, comfortable shoes.. let’s find out..

So like many sole providers, with children, who also happen to accept the fact that golf probably isn’t the best sport to have an obsession with, unfortunately it ALWAYS comes down to budget 1st. Budget rounds of golf, budget tee times, budget clubs, budget balls, and budget apparel.. including shoes. Trying to fit “budget” in the same box as “performance”, “comfort”, and “looks”, is seldom an easy task so these shoes have their work cut out.

BUDGET 10/10

As for the “Budget” category however, these things definitely hit a home run. + Tax and out the door at Golf Galaxy, including a $10 off coupon (which is about as common as a dollar bill at GG) I paid $56. Even at the original price before the sale, $80 was not bad IMO. They were marked down to $59 and as usual they took the coupon no questions asked..

LOOKS 8/10

I’ve been looking for a good casual spikeless shoe. Something that looks like perhaps a comfy running shoe but with all of the performance perks of a spikeless. I think that PUMA has one of the most attractive lineups of “casual” golf shoes available. Is this their best looking? Probably not BUT it’s by marginal differences AND it fits the budget more than nicely so those marginal differences are a complete non-issue.

At GG they had a limited color selection of grey/white and black/white. No issues for me as I was after the grey anyway. I believe that Amazon has a few more options to choose from.


When I go practice at PGATSS, I wear my NB fresh foam runners. When hitting off of a mat for 2 hrs, I don’t need a spiked shoe and just want to wear something supportive and comfy. I’ve always thought that if I could find a shoe that I can just slip in and out of, and was just as comfy but with a spikeless golf shoe sole, I’d have found the perfect shoe. Well I guess I’ll be looking no further! These things are the epitome of comfort. The inner foot bed and outsole are quite soft and feel nearly identical to my NB fresh foams. The heel and top support are a soft but supportive neoprene-like material that also molds well to your foot. They’re very light weight and breathable to keep air circulating.

There’s literally ZERO break-in period. It’s plug n play right out of the box. The nice thing was that after the round, my feet weren’t screaming to be set free and no post-round flip flops were required.


Another perfect score for the Grip Fusion Sports! I stated in the “comfort” category these shoes are quite breathable which is also a nice performance function. As mentioned in the intro, these shoes were purchased for AZ summer golf conditions which means hot and dry weather. If you’re looking for a good waterproof shoe, this may not be the what you’re after. The Puma marketing write-up does say water “resistant” but that wasn’t even a concern. I will be wearing these for as many rounds as possible this year so time will tell when playing in wetter conditions. That said, I won’t give any negative marks in this category because that’s not why I bought them.

As for grip, I had absolutely no slipping issues. From the marketing pictures, it really is hard to tell how much traction these actually have. I included picture of the sole that better depicts the traction nubs.

Lateral support is more than adequate. The insole and footbed cup and mold nicely to the foot. From what I’ve read, there’s a thin layer of memory foam running through the forefoot for added comfort and molding support.

What I’ve always appreciated about spikeless shoes is the heal to toe flexion or flexibility. When walking around, the shoe bends more naturally with your foot rather than against it with stiffer-soled spiked shoes which causes foot fatigue, and can equally impact the legs and back. These shoes do a perfect job of bending where they’re supposed to but supporting where they need to.

A final performance note, and something that I truly appreciated was the lace and tongue loops. There are 2 sets of loops on the tongue to thread the laces through which allows for absolutely no tongue slide and keeps it right in its place. The tongue plays an important in both stability and comfort so having it slide to either sides of your foot can be very annoying.



Ultimately if you’re looking for an extremely comfortable, sporty/casual, breathable, supportive, and all out performing spikeless.. while attempting to keep the budget in check, this shoe absolutely smashes it out of the park!

the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..

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