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Puma Men’s Pwradapt Caged Golf Shoes

puma men's pwradapt caged golf shoes
puma men's pwradapt caged golf shoes

Unofficial Review: Puma IGNITE PWRADAPT and PWRADAPT CAGED Golf Shoes – edingc

A combination review, of sorts. I played almost all of my 70-ish rounds of golf in 2020 with the Puma IGNITE PWRADAPT and PWRADAPT CAGED golf shoes, with both the DISC system and traditional laces. I walk the majority of my rounds, so I really appreciate a comfortable and durable golf shoe.

I wanted to add my (unofficial) thoughts here since these are Puma’s current model line of shoes. I will break down each feature a little bit more in depth under each subcategory.

Appearance – Both Models 5/5 Stars

Both models eschew the traditional golf shoe look and come in many different colorways. The original PWRADAPT DISC shoes I purchased are completely white, while the PWRADAPT CAGED shoes I won as part of a MyGolfSpy Forum contest are in their peacoat (navy) colorway.

The DISC system on the regular PWRADAPT shoes is well-designed and hidden, and the lack of laces on the shoe makes for a really sleek appearance.

I personally like the departure from appearances of more traditional golf shoes, but I know a lot of this rating is personal and dependent on the reviewer.

Fit & Comfort PWRADAPT DISC 5/5 Stars PWRADAPT CAGED LACED 3.5/5 Stars

I did not anticipate purchasing the PWRADAPTs last winter when I went golf shoe shopping. However, I knew I had to buy them from the moment I tried the shoes on. The combination of the slightly soft insole and the DISC system made the shoes extremely comfortable from day one. That comfort held up well to my home course, which is quite hilly and over a four mile walk for an 18 hole round.

The PWRADAPT CAGED shoes have a stiff material on the outside of the upper-mid foot presumably to help in stability, and the material wraps around the back of the heel as well. I actually found this made the shoes less comfortable overall, and even after many rounds with these shoes I would not say the stiff material has softened at all.

I liken the regular PWRADAPT shoes with the DISC system to a very comfortable pair of slippers with good support; they hug the feet well but are not constricting in any way. Unfortunately, the PWRADAPT CAGED shoes are not nearly as comfortable. Some of that lack of comfort is because they are laced, which puts more pressure on the top of the foot, but the stiff material also prevents the shoe from forming to your foot as well as the non-CAGED version.


I have been very disappointed in the durability of both models of shoe. Before this season, I wore a pair of Adidas shoes I purchased in 2012. The Adidas, though a little dirty, are still in excellent shape despite more than 100 rounds of golf and many range sessions over the past eight years.

While I played a lot of golf this summer, I am bummed to say the regular PWRADAPT pair has already broken down and is unwearable on the golf course. After a round in late July I noticed the rubber sole was beginning to crack in several places on both the left and right shoe. By September, the sole had disintegrated so much I began losing cleats on the course.

The PWRADAPT CAGED shoes are in better shape (and don’t show the same sole issue), but I’ve begun to wear through the inner lining on both heels already. I suppose this is probably because I cannot tighten the laces tight enough to keep my heel from slipping slightly without causing discomfort on the top of my foot.

Stability – Both Models 4/5 Stars

I can only recall one or two swings all year where I lost my footing with either pair. The soles have some pretty aggressive tread that does get filled with wet grass clippings rather easily. I have to remind myself to clean the spikes a few times throughout a round to ensure maximum traction.

Miscellaneous – Both Models 3.5/5 Stars

I play a lot of morning golf with wet grass. The shoes come with a two-year waterproof guarantee, but I found the waterproofing is pretty much useless after just a few rounds. I now expect to have wet feet by the second fairway. To be fair, I have not added additional waterproofing spray to them, but I would recommend looking elsewhere if you want to keep your feet dry in wet conditions.

The shoes are incredibly easy to keep clean. Most surfaces are smooth and wipe clean easily. The fabric material resisted stains well, but at close examination you see some dirtiness that does not come out.

Overall Ratings PWRADAPT DISC 3/5 Stars PWRADAPT CAGED LACED 3.5/5 Stars

Puma’s DISC system is wonderful, and the PWRADAPT shoes were extremely comfortable. But, the shoes literally began falling apart after half a season of golf.

The PWRADAPT CAGED shoes are not nearly as comfortable. I attribute some of that to the laces, but the stiff material meant to provide support also contributes to the lack of comfort.

Major kudos to Puma customer service who replaced the regular PWRADAPT DISC pair with a new pair of the PWRADAPT CAGED DISC (pictured above) with no questions asked or sales receipt provided. I have not yet used these shoes and will begin next season wearing them, but I won’t be surprised if I’m forced to look elsewhere for another pair of shoes before too long.