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Puma Rsg Golf Shoes

puma rsg golf shoes
puma rsg golf shoes

Style meets performance with the Puma RS-G spikeless golf shoe. I can’t deny that the RS-G looks sweet, but how do they hold up on the course? Let’s find out.

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First Impressions

The Puma RS-G is basically a carbon copy of Puma’s popular RS-X lifestyle shoes, at least on the surface.

If you didn’t tell me this was a golf shoe, I’d have had a hard time figuring it out on my own. Admittedly, I’ve never owned a pair of Puma RS-X, but have always loved the chunky design. So, I think this pair looks great and its style is definitely on-trend.


The materials on the Puma RS-G are pretty standard for a lifestyle-inspired golf shoe. A seamless mesh upper provides complete waterproof coverage, and the microfiber leather and TPU overlays provide added durability.

I don’t have any complaints but the materials are nothing special. At $130, you what you pay for. In comparison to the FootJoy Field, which is made with pebbled leather, it’s a big step down. However, the RS-G also costs about $70 less, so no harm, no foul.


The traction is where I feel that Puma made some compromises with the RS-G. The Carbon Rubber lugs do provide some added traction when compared with a normal RS-X, but they’re not on par with some of the other spikeless offerings I’ve been playing in. I think Puma chose to focus more on making these look good instead of focusing more on high-end performance.

You won’t see any TOUR players in these as they need more grip for their powerful swings. But that’s okay. It’s not made for them. The traction is adequate for the everyday or casual golfer, which is this shoe’s target audience.


The Puma RS-G’s midsole is packed with Puma’s proprietary Fusion Foam. I was pleasantly surprised with how plush the shoes felt. A shoe this chunky better feature a lot of cushion, and these hit the mark for sure. The Fusion Foam midsole provided plenty of underfoot cushion along with some responsiveness.


I can’t knock the stability of the Puma RS-G, either. The responsive Fusion Foam and the wider base provided plenty of stability. And despite the chunky midsole, I didn’t feel the RS-G added any unnecessary height or put me up too high off off the ground.


Puma says that the RS-G fits really short, and suggests going at least a half size up.

I found this absolutely true. I went with my traditional size and found myself struggling to make it through my round because of how small they felt. The short fit and the moderate heel-to-toe drop caused my feet to cram into the front of the shoes, which wasn’t the most pleasant feeling.

Based on my experience, I think I easily could have done with a full size up from my normal shoe size.

Puma RS-G Summary

The Puma RS-G is what it is; a decent performing golf shoe that’s beautifully disguised as a lifestyle favorite. Serious or competitive golfers should look in a different direction, but those who are more worried about having fun and looking fresh on the course should find the RS-G a winner.

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