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Tie Dye Golf Shoes

tie dye golf shoes
tie dye golf shoes

Find out everything you need to know about the Nike Tie Dye golf shoes sported by Matthew Wolff during the Taylormade Driving Relief charity skins match today.

Nike Tie Dye Golf Shoes | Matthew Wolff

Matthew Wolff stole the show at the Taylormade Driving Relief charity skins match through his choice of footwear; a fresh new pair of Nike Roshe G Tour shoes with a brightly coloured Tie Dye effect complete with “PEACE” and “LOVE” slogans on the outsoles.

Some of the more vigilant social media users among us will have actually already caught a glimpse of these stunning golf shoes on Instagram this weekend.

Matthew Wolff shared a snap of him wearing the shoes on the practice range, while Nike Golf also showcased the shoes through their story posts ahead of the skins match on Sunday.

Nike Tie Dye Golf Shoes | Brooks Koepka

The sequence of Instagram story posts from Nike Golf also included Brooks Koepka showing off a version from the same family of tie-dye styles; this time in the shape of the Infinity Tour shoes which he has designed in collaboration with the Nike footwear team.

The great news is that these Nike Tie Dye golf shoes WILL eventually become available for you to buy. The bad news is – we will all have to wait until much nearer the time of the rescheduled PGA Championship to get our hands on a pair.

Nike Tie Dye Golf Shoes | PGA Championship

These special edition golf shoes have been designed with inspiration from the host location of this year’s PGA Championship – TPC Harding Park in San Francisco. That major tournament should have been coming to its conclusion this very evening, but it was inevitably postponed due to the ongoing Covid-19 global pandemic.

While the host location will remain the same – the new dates for this year’s PGA Championship are scheduled for the 6th – 9th of August 2020.

Look out for much more information on these amazing Nike Tie Dye golf shoes with “PEACE” and “LOVE” outsoles dropping online at Golfposer later on this Summer 2020.

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