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Golf Cart Electric Vs Gas

golf cart electric vs gas
golf cart electric vs gas

If you’re looking for a reliable and durable golf cart, then you need to decide on whether or not you should purchase an electric golf cart or a gas-powered golf cart.

While both can get the job done, you need to account for the advantages and disadvantages of each before making your purchase.

If you’ve never bought a golf cart before, you’ve come to the right place. We have broken down exactly how each golf cart works, the differences between them, and which one will suit you best.

What are gas powered golf carts?

Gas-powered golf carts operate through the use of combustion engines. This means that the gas engine is fueled by gas, similar to cars or trucks.

The engines vary in the number of strokes. The older models contain two strokes, and the newer ones contain four strokes. With these golf cars, gas is lit in an enclosed tiny area that releases the power and causes it to move.

  • Pros: The advantage of Gas vs. electric golf cart speed is that gas-powered carts tend to pull heavier loads, run faster, and are easier to refill the tank. Gas golf carts allow you to move about the golf course in less time, and they are more likely to drive on roads because of the faster speeds.
  • Cons: The downside of owning a gas golf cart is the excessive carbon footprint you are leaving. A gas cart usually requires about a gallon of gas to begin running. This causes more noise and a funky gas smell. You’ll also have to pay more in long-term costs for expenses like gas, golf cart repair, and regular maintenance.

What are electric golf carts?

Similar to an electric car, an electric golf cart is operated using battery cells as the power source. Typically, you’ll find that these golf carts use 36 or 48-volt batteries, and can have as many as 8 batteries.

These golf carts need recharged in order to keep running. How frequently you will need to recharge your batteries depends on the amount of hours used.

On average, an electric golf cart has a battery life of 45-90 minutes of full-power run-time on a full golf cart battery. Battery cells require replacement about once every four to six years.

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  • Pros: Electric carts are the green solution because it doesn’t produce emissions and makes less noise. These carts are much easier to maintain and very easy to recharge or replace your batteries. The lack of routine maintenance and cheaper costs makes these carts an attractive option for golfers.
  • Cons: The problem with these carts is that it’s hard to determine when they will run out of power. Drivers may be stranded if there isn’t a nearby charging unit when the battery power dies. Also, they move slower than gas carts, meaning more time traveling and less time golfing.

Differences between gas golf carts and battery golf carts?

Durability and Strength

The power of a golf cart will vary depending on the model and make. Models such as the EGO AC carts can easily power through the steepest hills. For a long time, gas-powered carts were more powerful than electric ones.

However, when 48-volt batteries are used in electric carts, they could rival or beat most gas-powered carts with more miles per hour.

Noise level

You’ll also want to factor in the noise. Gas-powered golf carts make a louder engine noise when starting and running due to the combustion firing off. In contrast, electric carts are very quiet and produce almost no sound.

If you decide to go with gas-powered golf carts, make sure to get the newer models with a four-cycle engine instead of the two-cycle engine. Four-cycle engines tend to produce much less noise.

Price difference between electric and gas golf carts

Pricing can widely vary based on features, mileage, brand, and other factors. However, from a broad spectrum, gas-powered carts tend to be more expensive than electric-powered golf carts. There’s a lot of different factors that go into cost.

Gas-powered golf carts typically have more maintenance costs to upkeep the engine and other parts. Additionally, the gas-powered model need regular amounts of gas to operate. You’ll have to worry about battery condition with electric carts, but you won’t have to replace its batteries often.

Maintenance and upkeep

In general, electric carts require much less maintenance than gas carts. The amount of maintenance varies based on the size, model, and make of the golf cart.

Electric carts merely require changing their batteries every four to six years. However, the downfall with this type of golf cart is that it usually needs to be charged after each use. If used infrequently, you may charge the cart every couple of weeks. You may also need to monitor the water levels that are inside of the batteries.

On the other hand, gas golf carts need parts replaced, oil changes, and frequent engine tune-ups. There are many possibilities for maintenance for gas carts, from a starter belt to a spark plug. If you aren’t a person who can fix or replace it themselves, it’ll also cost you more expenses in material and labor costs to send your cart to the repair shop.

Pollution from golf carts

You may already have guessed, but electric carts are more environmentally friendly than gas-powered ones. Gas-powered golf carts produce carbon monoxide emissions and fumes as part of the combustion. Like a standard car, you may notice the smell of gas near the engine.

There won’t be any funky smell with electric-powered golf carts because there aren’t any emissions being released. For environmentally conscious and concerned about carbon footprint, then consider going electric.

Which golf cart is best for you

Golf cart sales have increased significantly since the global pandemic. E-Z-Go, Yamaha, and Club Car have all done well in selling and renting Gasoline Powered and Electric Golf carts and Dune Buggy style carts.

So, Electric Versus Gas golf carts? Which one is best for you?

A gas golf cart is best suited for someone who wants a steady, yet strong output and to get to their destination quickly. The electric cart is better for environment and less costly to maintain. It all depends on your personal preference and budget.

When purchasing a golf cart, be sure to consider the key differences between gas and electric carts. Then prioritize the features you’re looking most for in a golf cart.

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