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Golf Cart Gas Vs Battery

golf cart gas vs battery
golf cart gas vs battery

What are the pros and cons of gas vs. electric golf carts?

The gas vs. electric golf cart question is on par with some of the most heated debates in golf, such as which players, courses, and tournaments are the greatest.

Pros of gas golf carts

Gas golf carts can be more powerful than electric ones, and you won’t need to worry about running out of your charge.

Cons of gas golf carts

The main drawbacks of gas golf carts are the ongoing maintenance and fuel refills. Also, the emissions from a gas golf cart compete with the beauty of a sprawling green golf course.

Pros of electric golf carts

Electric golf carts have zero emissions, so they are better for the environment. Also, electric golf carts run more smoothly and quietly (even near-silently) because they run on a battery instead of gas. You won’t see or smell any exhaust from an electric golf cart.

Cons of electric golf carts

The main concern with an electric golf cart is battery life. It can distract you from a relaxing day on the course if you’re worried about getting where you need to go or finding a charging station.

Gas vs. electric golf cart speed considerations

No golf cart is designed to rival a standard car regarding speed. You won’t exceed 25 mph with any golf cart you choose. If you’re searching for the fastest golf cart, it will likely be a top-of-the-line electric golf cart pushing a 25-mph mark.

Most gas golf carts will clock in at 20 mph at most. It’s possible to upgrade an electric golf cart and achieve faster speeds, but doing so can be unsafe and is not recommended. Plus, even a souped-up street legal golf cart will have to adhere to speed limits on courses and residential streets.

Gas vs. electric golf cart maintenance considerations

Gas golf carts require regular maintenance, service checks, and oil changes like standard vehicles. They may also need repairs or replacement parts, especially as they age.

Electric golf carts are much lower maintenance than gas carts. Typically, an electric golf cart will need general cleaning and upkeep. You will eventually need a new battery for an electric golf cart, but not for some time. An electric golf cart battery can last up to 10 years if you keep your golf cart in good condition and don’t overcharge the battery.

Gas vs. electric golf cart price considerations

Electric golf carts can be notably less costly than gas carts, which may surprise you. Even used gas golf carts are often more expensive than brand-new electric ones.

By virtually every measure, electric golf carts are cheaper. The purchase price is usually lower. The maintenance is minimal. And, of course, there’s no need to fill up with gas. Ultimately, the final sale price will come down to the make, model, and features of the golf cart you choose to purchase.

Which is better a gas or electric golf cart?

It depends on where you live, how often you plan to use your golf cart, and your budget. Depending on how you’ll use the golf cart, you might consider golf cart insurance, which is customizable and can provide extra peace of mind while riding around. Learn more about what golf cart insurance covers.