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Putt Putt Vs Mini Golf

putt putt vs mini golf
putt putt vs mini golf

Played on December 1, 2018

Reviewed by Mr. Tee

Back in 2017, our travels finally landed us at a Putt-Putt Fun Center in Indiana. But given we had our fluffy pup along with us, we couldn’t actually play the course so we settled with some simple documentation. As we have researched more about Putt-Putt, a once prosperous international franchise that became synonymous with the game of mini golf, I’ve personally ventured deeper into the rabbit hole of watching PPA tournaments from the 70s through today. I’m fascinated by the number of players with scores in the low to mid-20s on Putt-Putt courses. Seeing putter after putter sink hole-in-one shots is hypnotizing and intimidating. Putt-Putt has begun to occupy a new space in my brain.

Fortunately, our work on a community designed mini golf course in North Carolina called Bull City Mini took us back to the part of the US with functional and active Putt-Putt brand miniature golf courses. I located Putt-Putt in Burlington, NC which was not far from where we were staying in Durham. The time had finally come for us to play a round of Putt-Putt.


Hole-in-one – The Indiana Putt-Putt course we visited along with stories and pictures of Putt-Putt courses in disrepair set our expectations low in advance of our visit. The hazy and rainy December weather was far from idyllic. As we neared the site, we drove through a city that looked run down and depressed. Everything changed when we arrived at our destination. The two 18 hole Putt-Putt brand courses were in pristine condition. I imagine the course looked quite similar to when it originally opened 50 years ago. The orange rails and green felt turf played as well as they appeared. The iconic Putt-Putt mascot, Buster Ball, could be found numerous times in the clubhouse and arcade. The clanking sound of the ball bouncing off the walls towards the cup helped me further understand the popularity of these seemingly simple putting spaces. Early on in our mini golf adventures, I had not understood the appeal of the Putt-Putt brand courses but now I know why they were the biggest name in miniature golf for years.

I need to find a way to obtain one of these signs
The Putt-Putt Brand way of ball organization
The divots on the tee off matt are super helpful
In my happy place
In two
Bounce off the orange rails if you’re looking for a hole-in-one
The ball’s perspective
I match!
Looking on track
Nearing the end of our first round and definitely on playing the other course as well
Glad to see repairs are ongoing but also tempted to drive this back to MN
Scratch off for every hole-in-one. I got four!

Putt-Putt – Burlington, NC Website

2013 News Piece on the 2013 National PPA Championship at Putt-Putt Fun Center in Burlington, NC


Perfectly maintained One of the few Putt-Putt franchises left in the country in a superb condition A solid variety of Putt-Putt style hole designs across both courses Classic


As with all Putt-Putt courses, there is little to no theming / immersive environments

Nerdy Notes

  • 2 18 hole courses. Pro Par – 36. Amateur Par – 45
  • Prices
    • Adult – Single Game $5, 2 Game Ticket $7/person, 3 Game Ticket $8/person, $12 Game Family Ticket $34
    • Children – Ages 6 & Under $1/round or one child free per paying adult, Ages 7-12 $1 off the regular price
    • Senior citizen & military discounts available
  • Limited winter hours but open year-round