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Tennis Skirt Vs Golf Skirt

tennis skirt vs golf skirt
tennis skirt vs golf skirt

With the transformation of women’s sports fashion, both golf and tennis have seen some stringent dress code rules being relaxed, and both have seen a vast shift to personalized fashion rather than just being viewed as a sports uniform. Both tennis and golf skirts are fashion statements on and off the courts. However, there are notable differences in the construction, fabric, and tailoring of golf and tennis skirts.

Both golf and tennis skirts have been tailored with built-in shorts to keep the legs of the athlete wearing them free from clingy fabric and yet provide coverage while bending or running as the sport they are playing inevitably demands. These new pieces of apparel are called skorts, characterized by fabric constructing shorts right underneath the material of the outer skirt. Moreover, activewear has become quite the trendy fashion category, and so both golf and tennis skirts have evolved to emulate the athletic, off-duty celebrity look we’ve come to know as “athleisure”. Depending on which sport you play, both golf and tennis skirts are comfortable, flexible, and instrumental in ensuring you have a good game while looking your best both on and off the courts. We are here to break down some of the differences you’ll find among golf and tennis skorts but, lucky for you, SwingDish is committed to helping you create a versatile wardrobe for on and off the course (or court!) so there are an array of skorts that crossover and work perfectly for both club and racquet sports

Golf Skirts

Golf skirts take into account the kind of movement required while you are playing the game. They have specifications like moisture-wicking material and are breathable given their spandex and polyester fabric. Most golf skirts come under the category of golf skorts, in that they have built-in shorts underneath the skirts. This ensures that you are as mobile as you like without the fear of the skirt riding up your back. Skirts are a new addition to golf fashion, which used to be relatively conservative. Still, now you have a plethora of cuts, patterns, hems, and materials that give you the appearance of a fashionista and a formidable athlete all in one. Skirts sometimes weren’t taken as serious sports apparel, but the construction of golf skirts exudes femininity, style, and athleticism at the same time.

Most golf skirts follow the straight-cut pattern with small slits and the sides of the hem, though some can be oval and flared as well. While pleated skirts are more commonly associated with tennis, pleats are just as fashionable in the world of golf skirts- giving the classy, textured visual appeal and lengthening the skirt and ensuring breathability.

Frustrated that you have to leave tidbits like keys and extra golf balls very far away from the course? With added features and improvements like pockets, golf skirts now offer the functionality you need and have become a must-have for golf fashion. Not to worry, though, the pockets are sewn into the interior, so outwardly your skirts will be looking just as sophisticated- whether straight or double-hemmed or pleated.

Tennis Skirts

Tennis is the sport best known for being an emulation of elegant, classy fashion while also channeling specifications designed to make the wearer’s game better. Tennis skirts aren’t limited as a fashion choice reserved for tennis courts- they’ve made appearances on runways as an homage to the blooming sports fashion industry and a nod to sports fashion of the past and present. Athletes like Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, and Naomi Osaka have stylized and personalized their tennis skirts to make fashion statements followed by players both on and off the course.

As a staple for workout clothing for sports like golf, badminton, and even football, tennis skirts enable movement like running, jumping, squatting, and stretching. They are made with sweat-wicking, bacteria-repellent light spandex and are usually pleated or offer flow for plenty of movement. Tennis skirts are very unlikely to be form-fitting, although newer styles like the Olivia skorts from SwingDish offer enough stretch that you can get across the court even with its curve-hugging style. With waistbands made from elastic fabric, and the pleated skirts offering versatility, tennis skirts are a suitable workout gear choice, as well as fit right in while you run errands or chase your toddler!

What’s the Difference?

While tennis and golf skirts have many similarities, such as in fabric and patterns, and both are conducive to physical activities and sport, they have notable differences. Tennis is a higher-intensity game that requires running and greater leg mobility than golf, where you are usually required to stand at your position and then swing at the ball. For that purpose, tennis skirts are generally not cinched around the legs, though golf skirts can be. You also get more leeway in the fabric while playing golf with a skirt than you do in tennis.

Can tennis skirts be worn for golf?

Tennis skirts can very much be worn for golf games; however, their length sometimes doesn’t meet the dress code requirements of golf clubs since they happen to be shorter on average than golf skirts. You can still pair them with biker shorts or leggings on the golf course. An easy way to assess the correct length of your skirt for a golf course is that the hem of the skirt should be below your fingertips as you stand up straight.

Do golf skirts have shorts underneath?

Yes- such skirts are called skorts, and they are used in many other sports like cycling, tennis, racquetball and pickleball. With shorts usually stitched underneath the skirt, they prevent discomfort by maintaining modest coverage. The flapping of looser-hemmed skirts is also made less distracting by the snug fit of the undershorts built into skorts.

Can you wear a pleated skirt for golf?

You can most certainly wear a pleated skirt for golf for that classy, feminine flair. Not only is it a great visual statement of your fashion savviness, but you can also charm the girls with your fashion choices later at brunch! Check out the Valentina skort from our Heat Collection. Available in White, Black and a soft vintage Blue.

What do you call a tennis skirt?

A tennis skirt can also be categorized as a skort, often part of athlete’s uniforms and characterized by the stitched-in shorts underneath.

Why do female golfers wear skirts?

Considering it was uncommon for women to wear anything but trousers for reasons of modesty in the past, women golfers have embraced skirts as a fashion choice. Hemlines have grown above the knees, enabling mobility, and skorts ensure the same mobility without fear of over-exposure. Skirts allowed female golfers to move easily and swing more freely. While other options such as trousers and chinos are more classic and can now also be found in an array of stylish colors, women seem to like the breathability and style offered by the many skort options on the market. Skorts are available in bold, bright colors, quirky patterns, and flowing, double- or pleated hems.