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Tennis Vs Golf Skirt

tennis vs golf skirt
tennis vs golf skirt

On the other hand, if you are interested in taking on a new outdoor sport this year, it’s important to dress the part. While they may be cute and stylish, golf and tennis skirts are designed to be flexible and breathable, making them the perfect addition to your ensemble when it’s time to play.

But are tennis and golf skirts the same? Are there certain details that set one piece of clothing apart from the other? Here are the main differences between golf and tennis skirts, and why you might choose one over the other.

Tennis Skirt vs Golf Skirt

Tennis skirts vs golf skirts can be difficult to differentiate at first glance, but they have specific distinctions that set them apart from each other.

The biggest differences between golf vs tennis skirts? When it comes to looks, it’s length and style. Flexibility and movement also play a major role in understanding how these two skirt styles vary. Let’s take a closer look at why you might consider a tennis skirt vs a golf skirt.


The length of the skirts is the biggest noticeable difference between golf vs tennis skirts.

Tennis skirts can be as short as 11 inches and as long as 15 inches. Since there are technically no regulations against skirt length while playing tennis, you can get away with wearing a shorter or longer skirt during a match based on your comfort levels and style preferences.

On the other hand, women’s golf may be considered a bit stricter. In the past, the Ladies Professional Golf Association set strict dress code rules for women, including that the length of the skirt be no shorter than 14 inches. More recently, you can find an updated version of the LPGA’s dress code on their website:

“The LPGA does have a dress code. We allow sleeveless and collarless shirts to be worn during play. There is no specific length requirement on shorts or skirts. Denim, cut-offs, workout clothes are not allowed.”


Since golf skirts are generally longer, they tend to have deeper pockets. This is usually to accommodate for the items you would carry around with your golf clubs, such as golf balls and golf tees.

Tennis skirts are designed to have more flexibility, giving them more movement than the average skirt. Since golf involves less physical activity than playing tennis, there’s more structure in a golf skirt.

Flexibility and Movement

Tennis skirts are meant to be more flowy and flexible, so they’re designed with pleats for mobility support. In most cases, they will also include built-in shorts or biker shorts to wear underneath for full coverage during play on the tennis court.

While golf skirts tend to be more structured, they’re still designed to be functional and breathable for physical activity.

Can You Use a Tennis Skirt During Golf, and Vice Versa?

You don’t technically have to be a tennis player to wear a tennis skirt. You also don’t have to spend your weekends playing golf to own a golf skirt. With that being said, if you are planning to play one of these sports, we recommend sticking with the skirt that’s designed for that specific activity.

As previously mentioned, skirts worn in a regulation game of golf must sit at 14 inches in length. As long as your tennis skirt meets this requirement, you can wear it for a game of golf as well. Tennis is less strict in terms of dress code, but the flexibility is what sets it apart from a golf skirt. If you wear a golf skirt during a game of tennis, just expect more restriction and less fluidity in your movement.

Where to Find Your Golf Skirts and Tennis Skirts

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